From Manufacturing to Services - A Strategic Report

On how to best position your activities in order to profit from the economic paradigm shift happening now.

New business opportunities arise in scientific fields such as biotechnology, but also though innovative ways of doing business in traditional sectors, such as "selling products as services", or selling performance or satisfaction instead of selling goods or materials.

In order to be successful in the years to come, business needs to understand this change and find about the new tools which will enable it to position itself as a first-mover. Equally, investors and policy makers need to learn how to take advantage of this shift.

The Strategic Report From Manufacturing to Services is the result of twenty years of both professional experience and research expertise in the field of the emerging service economy, product-life optimization and systemic thinking. In their new book 'Natural Capitalism', Hawken and Lovins give the undersigned credit for being the 'visionary' of these ideas (p. 16 ff)

We believe the information contained in this Report - applicable to all fields of business and easily accessible because of its matrix form (products/strategies) - will give you the necessary insight to successfully interpret this rapidly growing market. The Report's approach is proactive: strategy is no longer an extrapolation of the past, but a challenge in creating your future.

The strategic importance of this information is obvious to any policy makers.

The Report, of which a provisional table of contents is enclosed, is proposed in a multi-client form at 2'000 Euro (or US$) per client,

In order to ensure that you receive your copy of the report by courier mail as soon as it becomes available, order it now, using the form enclosed. I shall gladly discuss details of the report with you if you so wish.