Managing the New Frontiers: An Introduction to the Fundamentals

The new industrial revolution has begun. Will you be left behind? Companies around the world are reducing their energy and material expenses by 90%, increasing sales by 40%, and raising productivity 20% or more - with little or no capital investment - while watching their costs, waste, and carbon emissions drop like a stone. This book, in plain, easy-to-understand language, shows how.
Unsing a compelling mix of case studies, lecture material, management theory, and the input of recognized efficiency experts, Managing the New Frontiers is being hailed by students, teachers, and practitioners alike as a truly valuable resource.
Practitioners love the easy-to-digest format, which simply and clearly explains the essentials that are needed to initiate a successful efficiency drive. Students (at the undergraduate, postgraduate, and executive MBA levels) love the simple and engaging format. And educators around the world have relayed their approval of the author's presentation method, which makes teaching the fundamentals of efficiency easy and effective. Don't be left behind!

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