New books on the Circular Economy

Walter R. Stahel is proud to announce the following forthcoming publications on the Circular Economy, showing that a shift to a Circular Industrial Economy will open:

  • a potential to create local jobs of all skill levels, and to drastically reduce CO2 emissions, resource consumption and waste,
  • opportunities for innovations, for instance in processes and technologies to preserve the value of material stocks by recovering atoms and molecules, to replace the waste management strategy of recycling,
  • new approaches in policymaking based on human labour as a renewable resource, and a new definition of waste as objects without positive value and without liable owner. An Extended Producer Liability for objects then motivates waste prevention at the source.

The Circular Economy – a user’s guide

by Walter R. Stahel, with a foreword by Dame Ellen MacArthur, edited by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, Routledge, London, June 2019. Click here to consult the user guide

and the following translations of Circular Economy for Beginners:

Economia circulare per tutti. Concetti base per cittadini, politici e attori economici.

by Walter R. Stahel, Edizioni Ambiente, Milano, March 2019,

Sirkulær økonomi – fra strategi til praksis.

by Walter R. Stahel, e-book translated and published by SINTEF, Trondheim, to be published May 2019.

La verdad sobre la Economía Circular, o “Economía Circular para principiantes”,

by Walter R. Stahel, e-book translated and published by Isostenible, ( to be published in June 2019.

Further translations into Swedish and Kannada of the Circular Economy for Beginners will be published in summer 2019.