Economia circolare per tutti. Concetti base per cittadini, politici e attori economici by Walter R. Stahel is now available

Economia circolare per tutti. Concetti base per cittadini, politici e attori economici. is now available in book stores and by the publisher.

Edizioni Ambiente, Milano, March 2019,

The spannish edition will be released in two weeks and the english edition by the end of May 2019.

New books on the Circular Economy

Walter R. Stahel is proud to announce the following forthcoming publications on the Circular Economy, showing that a shift to a Circular Industrial Economy will open:

  • a potential to create local jobs of all skill levels, and to drastically reduce CO2 emissions, resource consumption and waste,
  • opportunities for innovations, for instance in processes and technologies to preserve the value of material stocks by recovering atoms and molecules, to replace the waste management strategy of recycling,

Pressure mounts on governments, Walter Stahel forthcoming book shows different options to implement circular economy

Bottom-up pressure mounts on governments to stop the GHG emissions causing global warming, and implement the only documented solution – The Circular Economy:


New manuscript on "Circular Economy for Beginners" seeking a wide audience

Geneva, 12th July 2018

A few days ago, Walter Stahel finished a short manuscript of 40 pages on Circular Economy for Beginners, which will be published in English end of September 2018 by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation. It defines his position of what the Circular Economy is, and what it is not. Stahel’s intention is to give it a wide audience, not only to experts who speak English. He therefore encourages translation and publication of the manuscript as e-book in other languages through “ethical franchising”, a process used by Fritz Schumacher.

New Conferences page

Our website has now a new webpage providing a list of all conferences attended by Walter R. Stahel.

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