New manuscript on "Circular Economy for Beginners" seeking a wide audience

Geneva, 12th July 2018

A few days ago, Walter Stahel finished a short manuscript of 40 pages on Circular Economy for Beginners, which will be published in English end of September 2018 by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation. It defines his position of what the Circular Economy is, and what it is not. Stahel’s intention is to give it a wide audience, not only to experts who speak English. He therefore encourages translation and publication of the manuscript as e-book in other languages through “ethical franchising”, a process used by Fritz Schumacher.

If you are interested to translate the manuscript into your language, and publish it as e-book in your language, you may do so at your expense, under condition that you do not change the contents or name of the author or the manuscript. You may of course add a foreword which gives credit to you for translating and publishing the manuscript in your language. If you sell the e-book, you engage to pay 25 percent of any profits which are higher than your publishing costs, to me as author. If you are interested, please follow these steps:

  • Ask for a PDF of the manuscript, by sending an email to

  • Before doing anything, ask me for formal permission. I want to avoid duplications leading to different version in any language. Several requests are pending.

  • Keep to the embargo deadline - no publications of the manuscript as e-books before 30 September 2018 in any language.

  • If you are interested in publishing the manuscript as a printed book, a signed contract between your publisher and me will be needed beforehand.

  • Please note that the rights to publish the manuscript in English both as hardcover and e-book, have already been attributed, you can therefore not publish or distribute the manuscript in English.

I look forward to hearing from you and send my best wishes for all your endeavours.

With kind regards

Walter R. Stahel, The Product-Life Institute, Geneva