Most of Walter R. Stahel's publications now available in UK

Researchers can now consult most of Walter's publications - by prior appointment only - at the Centre for Environmental Strategies (CES), University of Surrey, Guildford, UK

And of course all Walter's publications can also be found on our website if you follow the below link:

Walter R. Stahel invited by Beppe Grillo to talk about circular economy

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here to see the video of Walter R. Stahel's speech.

Part 5- From Consumer to Prosumer, from User to Profuser of 3 Ecos is now availalbe

The new part of the 3 Ecos is now availalbe, please folow the link below to find it:

Part 5 -From Consumer to Prosumer, from User to Profuser

The Swedish government has discussed Walter R. Stahel's idea of a reduced VAT on repairs

The Swedish government has discussed Walter's idea of a reduced VAT on repairs, even tax reductions for labour, and proposed a legislation that should be voted today, 20 Sept. If accepted, the new legislation will enter into force on 1 January 2017.

You can read the Guardian's article by clicking on the below link:

A series of Walter R. Stahel interviews shown during 25th Anniversary conference of University of South Australia

Walter Stahel prepared a series of interviews which were shown during this international conference at the University of South Australia on 8 September 2016.

Originally invited to give the keynote lecture, Walter suggested this low carbon - and health preserving - version to the conference organisers.

Assoc. Prof David Ness from Adelaide asks the questions.

Take your time watching - this is a relaxed style of information.

You can see a summary video by clicking here